Malt Box Webinar


This product teaches you the various flavors of malt and how they come about.

Purchase includes: malt samples, access to online webinar.

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Beer Flavor Map


The Beer Flavor Map, created by DraughtLab, is a compelling and approachable tool to help students of beer better describe flavors. 

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Off-Flavor Training Course


Learn to identify the six most common off flavors in beer through a hands-on tasting class.

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Basic Off-Flavor Kit and Tutored Tasting Webinar


Use this product to conduct a six flavor beer off flavor tasting class for six, twelve, or twenty-four people.

Purchase includes: off-flavor spikes, instructions and access to online webinar.

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Master Off-Flavor Kit


Learn to identify 24 off flavors in beer with our Master Off-Flavor Kit.

Purchase includes: off-flavor spikes, prep instructions, and information related to each flavor.

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