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Exam Details

Prerequisites - Starting in Fall 2016, preference will be given to Advanced Cicerones in accepting candidates for the Master Cicerone exam, but depending on demand from Advanced Cicerones, some Certified Cicerones may still have an opportunity to sit the exam through 2017. Beginning in 2018, all candidates for the Master Cicerone exam must have passed the Advanced CiceroneTM exam. Candidates for this level of certification must be of legal drinking age.

Exam Format & Components

Candidates for Master Cicerone will participate in a two-day examination that includes multiple written, oral and tasting components. The written component will consist of essay questions where candidates demonstrate the depth and breadth of their knowledge in each portion of the Master Syllabus.  Oral examinations will be conducted by industry experts and often involve hands-on demonstrations of knowledge. Taste assessments will include an extensive range of off-flavors, blind assessment of beer styles and descriptive analysis of blind samples. Overall, a grade of 85% or better is required to pass the Master Cicerone exam.

Exam Cost - Initial test: $895; Exam Retake: $716

Initiating an Exam - Dates and registration information are announced via email so make sure that your email address associated with your profile is current and that your email program is not diverting emails from to a spam folder. See below for more details on the lottery.

Master Cicerone Exam Policies