Titles, Trademarks & Proper Use

Proper Use of “Cicerone” and Titles

The Craft Beer Institute’s trademarks, certification marks, service marks and logos are valuable assets.  In order to preserve and enhance their value, they must be used properly.

The titles "Certified Cicerone®" and "Master Cicerone®" should always appear in association with the name of an individual who has earned the appropriate certification.  Certification holders are listed on the roster found on this website (www.cicerone.org).  Both words of the title should be capitalized and the "circle R" registered symbol should appear at the end of the word "Cicerone."  It is not appropriate to refer to an individual simply as a “cicerone.”  Examples of proper use are:

      "Chris Pisney, Certified Cicerone®"    or     "Certified Cicerone® Annette May"


       "Nicole Erny, Master Cicerone®"       or      "Master Cicerone® Andrew Van Til"

The first level of certification in the Cicerone Program is called "Certified Beer Server."  Note that the word "Cicerone" is not a part of the first level title. The words "Beer Server" must always be used when referring to the first level title.  Appropriate ways to refer to holders of this title would be:

      "Certified Beer Server in the Cicerone Program"

      "Cicerone Program Certified Beer Server"

If you have any questions about appropriate use of these terms or you believe you know of instances where the trademarks are being used improperly, please contact us through this site.

Please remember: it is not appropriate to refer to anyone simply as a “cicerone.” Such usage violates the trademarks of the Craft Beer Institute and is strictly prohibited.



Cicerone® is a registered certification mark and service mark of the Craft Beer Institute in the United States, a registered trademark and service mark in the European Union, and Canada. Certified Cicerone® and Master Cicerone® are registered certification marks of the Craft Beer Institute in the United States.  The Cicerone® Certification Program/“Hands and Glass” logo is a registered service mark of the Craft Beer Institute in the United States and Canada. 

BeerSavvySM, Certified Beer Server, the “Hands and Glass” logo, the Cicerone/“Hands and Glass” logo, the Master Cicerone/“Hands and Glass” logo, and the Certified Beer Server/“Hands and Glass” logo are unregistered marks of the Craft Beer Institute.  All other trademarks or service marks not owned by the Craft Beer Institute that appear on this site are the property of their respective owners.

To protect the value and integrity of the Cicerone® Certification Program, the Craft Beer Institute’s certification levels and marks may only be used by persons who have met all of the requirements to do so.  You may only use the Craft Beer Institute’s word or logo certification marks to indicate a level of certification you have achieved.  Further, neither the Craft Beer Institute’s certification logos nor its “Hand and Glass” logo may be used in any context other than in association with personal correspondence and business cards of persons who have achieved the relevant certification(s).  Use of any of the Craft Beer Institute’s marks in a false, inaccurate or misleading manner, including misrepresenting a person’s level of certification, is strictly prohibited.