New Cicerone® Website!

Welcome! If you have been to our website before, you will probably notice right away that it has a very different appearance now. 

In August 2012 we implemented a new website design and architecture. The new site integrates the two different websites that users had to navigate in the past for information and exams. Now, with one login you can view Cicerone program details, purchase courses and exams and use those purchases. Ultimately, it should be much easier to use! 

A good place to start is "My Account." This is your "Cicerone profile" page. (Link to it to show off your official Cicerone status.) It is also your starting place for accessing exams, courses and other useful items.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR A COURSE OR EXAM in our old system: don't worry! It is still there, right where it always was, at Log in like before and you'll have access to your content. 

For those looking to purchase or sign-up for an exam or course, you can now do all that on this one site ... starting at your "My Account" page as I mentioned before. 

We have put a ton of work into this new system. But we are not Google, Amazon or Apple (aren't you glad?), so some things will be confusing, hard to use or just plain broken at first. We'll be working steadily on improvements, but by all means if you aren't able to do what you want, let us know and we'll get on it. Just shoot us a note via the contact page or using info at cicerone dot org.