Exam Schedule

Certified Cicerone® Exams

The following list of exams is updated regularly as we add new sites. Check back often and watch our emails for upcoming announcements about more exams.

Registration for each exam will close one week prior to the exam date. You must register AT LEAST ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE for a guaranteed spot. Some exams fill up more quickly. All exams are subject to rescheduling and time changes, so consider contacting Cicerone Certification Program staff before booking non-refundable travel.

2016:  JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC | MAP 


February 2016

Washington, DC - Tuesday, February 9th - 10am to 3pm - Premium Distributors EXAM FULL / RESCHEDULED DATE

Sydney, Australia - Wednesday, February 10th - 10am to 3pm - The Local Taphouse

Melbourne, Australia - Friday, February 12th - 10am to 3pm - The Local Taphouse

Las Vegas, NV - Friday, February 12th - 10am to 3pm - Wirtz Beverage Nevada

Orlando, FL - Monday, February 15th - 10am to 3pm - Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes

Portland, OR - Friday, February 19th - 10am to 3pm - Maletis Beverage Company NEW!

Romulus (Detroit), MI - Friday, February 19th - 11am to 4pm - West Side Beer Distributing

Oceanside, CA - Monday, February 22nd - 10am to 3pm - Bagby Beer Company NEW!

Chicago, IL - Friday, February 26th - 10am - 3pm - Cicerone Certification Program Offices - EXAM FULL


March 2016

London, England - Friday, March 11th - 10am to 3pm - UBREW

Ellon, Scotland - Monday, March 14th - 12pm to 5pm - The Station Hotel

Norcross, GA - Tuesday, March 22nd - 10am to 3pm - Eagle Rock Distributing Company

Brooklyn, NY - Monday, March 28th - 10am to 3pm - Humboldt & Jackson EXAM FULL

Nashville, TN - Tuesday, March 29th - 10am to 3pm - Lipman Brothers

March 2016 Dates to be Announced

Las Vegas, NV


April 2016

West Palm Beach, FL - Saturday, April 2nd - 9am to 2pm - Brown Distributing
San Francisco, CA - Monday, April 11 - time TBD - Sessions at the Presidio NEW!
Denver, CO - Friday, April 29th - 10am to 3pm - CDC Coors
Kent, WA - Thursday, April 21st - time TBA - Columbia Distributing NOW OPEN!
Kent, WA - Friday, April 22nd - time TBA - Columbia Distributing EXAM FULL
Caldwell, NJ - Monday, April 25th - 10am to 3pm - Cloverleaf Tavern 
Charleston, SC - Saturday, April 30th - 9am to 2pm - Palmetto Brewing Company NEW!

April 2016 Dates to be Announced

Austin, TX

Los Angeles, CA

Plymouth, MA

Vancouver, BC**


May 2016

Philadelphia, PA - Tuesday, May 3rd - 10am to 3pm - Pennsylvania 6 Philadelphia

Chicago, IL - Wednesday, May 11th - 10am to 3pm - Cicerone Certification Program Offices

Grand Rapids, MI - Tuesday, May 17th - 10am to 3pm - Alliance Beverage

Minneapolis, MN - Friday, May 20th - 10am to 3pm - JJ Taylor NEW!


May 2016 Dates to be Announced

Maui, HI

Milwaukee, WI

Columbus, OH

Paso Robles, CA

Salt Lake City, UT

San Diego, CA


June 2016

Halifax, NS** - Tuesday, June 21st - 10am to 3pm - Stillwell

June 2016 Dates to be Announced

Baltimore, MD

Dallas, TX

Montreal, QC**

New York, NY

San Francisco, CA

Seattle, WA


July 2016

Chicago, IL - Monday, July 18th - 10am to 3pm - Cicerone Certification Program Offices


July 2016 Dates to be Announced

Los Angeles, CA

Missoula, MT

Sacramento, CA

San Diego, CA

Toronto, ON**


August 2016

Madison, WI - Friday, August 12th - 11am to 4pm - Wisconsin Distributors

Portland, OR - Friday, August 19th - time TBA - Columbia Distributing COMING SOON!

Glenwillow (Cleveland), OH - Monday, August 22nd - 10am to 3pm - Superior Beverage

August 2016 Dates to be Announced

Asheville, NC

Richmond, VA

West Palm Beach, FL


September 2016

Chicago, IL - Thursday, September 15 - 12pm to 5pm - Cicerone Certification Program Offices

St Louis, MO - Monday, September 19 - 10am to 3pm - Major Brands NEW!

September 2016 Dates to be Announced

Boston, MA

Burlington, VT

Kansas City, MO

San Diego, CA

San Francisco, CA

Santa Fe, NM

Toronto, ON**

Victoria, BC**


October 2016

Denver, CO - Friday, October 7th - 10am to 3pm - TBA - Ahead of GABF


October 2016 Dates to be Announced

Birmingham, AL 

Las Vegas, NV

Seattle, WA


November 2016

Louisville, KY - Wednesday, November 9th - 10am to 3pm - River City Distributing

Chicago, IL - Friday, November 18th - 10am to 3pm - Cicerone Certification Program Offices


November 2016 Dates to be Announced

Eureka, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Mesa, AZ

New Orleans, LA

New York, NY

Houston, TX

San Francisco, CA

Vancouver, BC**


December 2016

Portland, OR - Friday, December 9th - time TBA - Maletis Beverage Company COMING SOON!


December 2016 Dates to be Announced

Cedar Rapids, IA

Ottawa, ON**

San Diego, CA


*Registration will open at 12 noon Central time on the date listed.
**Candidates at these exam locations will be tested on content from the Canadian Certified Cicerone Syllabus

We will continue to add exams to the calendar. Please contact info@cicerone.org if you are interested in hosting or taking the exam in the coming year.