Exam Schedule

Certified Cicerone® Exams

The following list of exams is updated regularly as we add new sites.  Check back often and watch our emails for upcoming announcements about more exams. 

Registration for each exam will close one week prior to the exam date. You must register AT LEAST ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE for a guaranteed spot. Some exams fill up more quickly. All exams are subject to rescheduling and time changes, so consider contacting Cicerone Certification Program staff before booking non-refundable travel. To register, find the Certified Cicerone Exam in our exam catalog (scroll down for retakes).  


June 2015 

Dallas, TX - Friday, June 26th - 10am to 2pm - Andrews Distributing (Allen, TX)

San Diego, CA - Sunday, June 28th - 10am to 2pm - Crest Beverage


July 2015 

Minneapolis, MN - Thursday, July 9th - 10am to 2pm - JJ Taylor
Halifax, NS** - Tuesday, July 14th - 10am to 2pm - Stillwell 
Columbus, OH - Thursday, July 16th - 9am to 1pm - Heidelberg Distributing Company
Las Vegas, NV - Wednesday, July 29th - 10am to 2pm - Southern Wine and Spirits

August 2015 

Madison, WI - Friday, August 7th - 10am to 2pm - Wisconsin Distributors AHEAD OF GREAT TASTE OF MIDWEST! 
South San Francisco, CA - Friday, August 7th - 9am to 1pm - DBI Beverage REGISTRATION OPENS 6/26
Yardley, PA - Monday, August 10th - 9am to 1pm - Vault Brewing Company EXAM FULL
London, England - Monday, August 10th - 10am to 2pm - UBREW NEW!
Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - Thursday, August 13th - 12pm to 4pm - The Station Hotel NEW!
Dublin, Ireland - Friday, August 14th - 10am to 2pm - L. Mulligan Grocer NEW!
West Palm Beach, FL - Saturday, August 22nd - 9am to 1pm - Brown Distributing 
Huntsville, AL - Monday, August 24th - 10am to 2pm - Turner Beverage Company
Chicago, IL - Thursday, August 27th - Noon to 4pm - Cicerone Certification Program Offices
Richmond, VA - Monday, August 31st - 10am to 2pm - Hardywood Park Craft Brewery 


September 2015 

Austin, TX - Wedneday, September 2nd - 10am to 2pm - Banger's REGISTRATION TBA

Victoria, BC** - Thursday, September 10th - 10am to 2pm - Hotel Rialto AHEAD OF GREAT CANADIAN BEER FESTIVAL!

Oceanside, CA - Monday, September 14th - 10am to 2pm - Bagby Beer Co. 
Fort Wayne, IN - Wednesday, September 16th - 10am to 2pm - Five Star Distributing
Kansas City, MO - Monday, September 21st - 10am to 2pm - Boulevard Brewing Company REGISTRATION TBA
Caldwell, NJ - Wednesday, September 23rd - 10am to 2pm - Cloverleaf Tavern EXAM FULL

Denver, CO - Friday, September 25th - 10am to 2pm - CDC Coors - During GABF 

Cincinnati, OH - Tuesday, September, 29th - 10am to 2pm - Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber NEW!

St. Louis, MO - Tuesday, September 29th - 10am to 2pm - Major Brands


October 2015 

Chicago, IL - Thursday, October 8th - 10am to 2pm - Cicerone Certification Program Offices 

Portsmouth, NH - Monday, October 12th - 10am to 2pm - Redhook Brewery NEW!

Cleveland, OH - Wednesday, October 14th - 10am to 2pm - Great Lakes Brewing Company 

Portland, OR - Friday, October 16th - 9am to 1pm - Columbia Distributing (Swan Island) NEW! REGISTRATION OPENS 7/14

Napa, CA - Saturday, October 18th - Time TBD -  COMING SOON!

City of Industry (L.A.), CA - Friday, October 23rd - Time TBD - Classic Distributing - COMING SOON!

Huntington Beach, CA - Wednesday, October 28th - Time TBD - Harbor Distributing - COMING SOON!

Huntington Beach, CA - Friday, October 30th - Time TBD - Harbor Distributing - COMING SOON!


November 2015 

Stratford, CT - Monday, November 9th - 10am to 2pm - Two Roads Brewing Company NEW!


December 2015 

San Jose, CA - Friday, December 4th - Time TBA - DBI Beverage REGISTRATION OPENS 10/23
Cedar Rapids, IA - Friday, December 11th - 10am to 2pm - Fleck Sales Company NEW!  
Chicago, IL - Friday, December 11th - 10am to 2pm - Cicerone Certification Program Offices

January 2016 

Indianapolis, IN - Friday, January 29th - 10am to 2pm - Monarch Beverage


*Registration will open at 12 noon Central time on the date listed.
**Candidates at these exam locations will be tested on content from the Canadian Certified Cicerone Syllabus

We will continue to add exams to the calendar. Please contact info@cicerone.org if you are interested in hosting or taking the exam in the coming year.


Retest Policy for Certified Cicerone® Exam 

Those who take the Certified Cicerone exam and do not pass on their first attempt will be able to retake the exam at a reduced rate that covers the costs of re-examination. Pricing for retakes will be as follows:

Re-take of written portion:     $175

Re-take of tasting portion:      $100

If you retake only one part, your prior scores will remain unchanged for the other part(s) and a new average will be determined with the new portions.

No discounts are given for retakes.