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Corporate rates for all Cicerone exams and training programs.

Corporate Programs

Cicerone® for Companies

Companies who sell and serve beer frequently use employee beer training to increase sales, improve customer service and generate worker enthusiasm. The Cicerone program offers several approaches to accommodate different types of organizations and varying budgets.

Why Become Certified 

By implementing the serving practices tested by the Cicerone program, retailers can improve beer quality and presentation to a level that will impress and please the most knowledgeable beer consumer. The knowledge gained by your servers or sales representatives communicates a clear message to customers that your organization is an authority on beer—and that paves the way to more sales and success.  Cicerone certification lets everyone know that you have invested time and energy in making sure your organization is prepared to do business in today’s sophisticated and rapidly changing beer world.

Corporate Purchases

Companies who purchase groups of exams qualify for discounts in the pricing of the Certified Beer Server exam and some related training programs. (On-site training is not discounted.)  Groups purchasing 10 or more exams at one time will receive a five percent discount; larger discounts are available starting at 25 or more exams. Contact us about your group at  

Or if you're already registered for the site, you can start the ordering process now.

For more information on how to make a bulk purchase or on the details of our managerial controls, please see Corporate Purchases.

We also offer group discounts and purchase options for the Certified Cicerone® exam.


Getting to Certified Beer Server

The first level is Certified Beer Server.  For bartenders, wait staff, drivers, inside sales and support roles this is an appropriate goal. For all others, it is a necessary prerequisite to going to on to Certified Cicerone® training and certification.

While training is not required before attempting the Certified Beer Server exam, many companies find it worthwhile. Various options exist for training, but here are three popular approaches to preparing for the exam at different price points. The first two require independent study by employees. The third uses on-site training by the Cicerone staff. All options include the Certified Beer Server exam.

Option 1:        Self study and Certified Beer Server Exam. Cost per person: $69 for exam.

Option 2:        BeerSavvy eLearning Training & Exam. Cost per person: $199

Option 3:        On-site training by Cicerone staff. Cost per person:  $250-$350*

* Total cost of on-site training depends on number of employees, location and other conditions.

Note: Other organizations also offer on-site and remote training.

The approach you choose will depend on focus and motivation of your employees as well as the cost, location and desired timeframe for training.

Taking the Certified Beer Server Exam

The exam is taken online by each individual when they are ready. Results are reported immediately and those who pass receive an email with their certificate.  Managers can log in to monitor the progress and status of each employee if they purchase exams through the group purchase program.  

Beyond Beer Server  

Many positions require more than the basic beer knowledge tested by the Certified Beer Server exam.  Beverage managers, beer bar managers, wholesaler craft and import sales reps, brewery sales reps and many others who manage beer and educate others about beer should pursue Certified Cicerone. Preparation for this challenging exam will require detailed and careful study over a 6 to 18 month period.  For more information on preparation, see the Certified Cicerone® page on this site or contact us for details on on-site training at this level.

When you have a group of employees preparing for the Certified Cicerone® exam, contact us about the possibility of staging an exam at your facility.