Certified Beer Server

First-level certification exam for those who work with beer.

Certified Beer Server

Certified Beer Server  DeDolle Serving Trays

This is the first level of certification in the Cicerone program.

Prerequisites - None

Exam Format & Components - 60-question multiple choice exam, administered online. A grade of 75% is required to pass. Candidates must also pass a short quiz about the Cicerone program. Each payment allows you 2 attempts to achieve a passing score. This is a closed book exam. Please do not refer to any notes or reference materials or accept assistance or advice from anyone else while taking the exam.

Exam  Cost - $69 (Prices are in USD)

Initiating an Exam - Become a registered user on this site and then access the exam from your “My Account” page.

Knowledge Area Responsibilities - The Certified Beer Server requires competent knowledge of beer storage and service issues as well as modest knowledge of beer styles and culture and basic familiarity with beer tasting and flavors and basic knowledge about brewing process and ingredients. Knowledge of the Cicerone Certification Program's levels and titles is also required. The Certified Beer Server Syllabus outlines the knowledge required for the this Exam. Click here to access the Certified Beer Server Syllabus


Certified Beer Server Learning Resources

Recommended Resources  

     Certified Beer Server Syllabus 

      Our free study links page   

      Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher

      Cicerone Certification Program Beer Styles Profiles Card Sets

      Educational Resources


Optional Paid Courses:  

BeerSavvy  (Note: includes Certified Beer Server Exam)

An interactive eLearning program for beer and serving knowledge. Students will also have access beer style comparison tools, a file of print-at-home style profile cards and self-assessment questions. This learning program is sold with the Certified Beer Server exam and the package goes for $199.  You can purchase and access this program from the "My Account" page on this website. The streaming educational content is available for 90days from purchase.