CBS This Morning If you caught the profile on the Cicerone Certification Program on CBS This Morning (view it here) -- welcome! 

If you're interested in more information on the background of the program, go here. 

If you're interested in becoming certified, all candidates start with the Certified Beer Server exam. You can find the syllabus for the Certified Beer Server exam here. This syllabus covers the questions tested on the Certified Beer Server exam. Studying for the exam can be self-guided through the free syllabus, or via our award-winning online training program BeerSavvy.

Once you're comfortable with the material covered on the syllabus, you can take the exam! The Certified Beer Server exam is taken online, and is 60 multiple choice questions within a 30-minute time period. You can register for the Certified Beer Server exam here.

If you have any further questions, you can contact

Today, we're happy to announce the launch of the Cicerone Certification Program in Canada. 

While Canadians have been participating in the Cicerone program at all levels since it was launched in January of 2008, the Cicerone organization has adapted the program to the Canadian market based on input from Canadian brewers, bar owners and educators. Changes affect both the syllabi and exams for the first two levels of the program: Certified Beer Server and Certified Cicerone®. Changes from the US versions include things like drinking age, alcohol distribution and some aspects of beer style descriptions.

The new syllabi will be used for all Canadian Certified Beer Server and Certified Cicerone exams starting on March 1, 2014. Exams prior to that date will still be based on the US syllabus.

Canadians can access Canadian content by clicking the country flag in the upper right hand corner of the website.

To read more about Cicerone Canada, visit:

Download a Cicerone Canada Fact sheet (PDF)

Off Flavor PuckThe Cicerone Certification Program has worked with Cara Techonolgies, makers of the Aroxa shelf-stable off-flavor standards to create a unique tasting kit. We now offer the "Cicerone Off-Flavor Kit" made by Aroxa for sale on our website—it comes with study materials and a recorded webinar you can use for your group.  (Click here to view kit.)

In addition, we have adopted Aroxa as our official supplier for Certified Cicerone exam off-flavors. Starting in January 2014, candidates taking the Certified Cicerone exam will be tasting samples spiked with the same dry-powder standards that are sold in our off-flavor kit.


Spring 2014 Master Cicerone Exam: Chicagoland area

Day 1 - May 6th, 2014- Micromatic in Rockford, IL
Day 2 - May 7th, 2014- Emmett's Brewing in Palatine, IL 

Fall 2014 Master Cicerone Exam: Los Angeles area - EXAM IS SOLD OUT

Day 1 - October 22nd, 2014 - Micromatic in Northridge, CA
Day 2 - October 23rd, 2014 - Golden Road Brewing in Los Angeles, CA

Registrations will be on a first come, first served basis.

You can register for the Chicago date here.

Please be sure to check out our Master Cicerone exam policies, including information on rescheduling and cancellation at the bottom of this page.

With the holiday season upon us, we now have the option to "gift" Cicerone Certification Program products to your family and friends! Choose from a set of Beer Styles profile cards; the off-flavor kit and tutored tasting webinar; BeerSavvy; a Certified Beer Server exam; or a Certified Cicerone exam. All gift recipients receive a custom gift card and a Cicerone bottle opener! Head here to give a gift!

If you've been to a fancy restaurant, you've probably seen a sommelier — those wine experts who make sure you get the best possible match for your meal. But what if you don't want a chardonnay or pinot? What if you want a nice cold beer?

Last month, National Public Radio's Weekend Edition featured the Cicerone Certification Program during its broadcast—if you missed the airing, you can listen to it here.

Over the days of May 8 and 9 in Northern Illinois, 11 candidates sat down to take the Master Cicerone® exam—a series of exams of intense written and oral questioning about beer styles, draft systems, beer evaluation, brewing technology and beer and food pairing. Only one candidate achieved the passing score, and he is now the seventh Master Cicerone to join the ranks. And at 25, Pat Fahey is also the youngest individiual to achieve the title of Master Cicerone. Congrats to Pat!

Read the full announcement.

This week, we released Version 2 of the syllabi for all three levels of the Cicerone Certification Program: Certified Beer Server, Certified Cicerone and Master Cicerone.

For more information on the development of these new syllabi, please see our full press release. 

Exams will not be based on the new new syllabi until September 1, 2013. Therefore, those taking exams prior to September 1 should be studying a syllabus with a 1.x version number; those taking exams after September 1 should be using a syllabus with a 2.x version number. 

At the CERTIFIED BEER SERVER level, the most significant changes are to the STYLES section: 

Some styles which had been listed in a general way were specified with names that match the Beer Judge Certification Program styles which is the reference for beer styles.

Expanded or modified style listings in the new Certified Beer Server syllabus:

o “Pilsner” expanded to be “German Pilsner” and “Bohemian Pilsner”

o “Trappist and Abbey Ales” expanded to Dubbel and Tripel

o “Strong Belgian Ales” expanded to “Belgian Blond” and “Belgian Golden Strong”

o “English Pale Ales” expanded to “Special Bitter” and “English IPA”

o “English Brown Ale” clarified as “Northern English Brown Ale”

o “Porter” clarified as “Robust Porter”

o “Stout” in the American section clarified as “American Stout”

o “Russian Imperial Stout” moved to American styles

o “Lambic” was expanded to “Gueuze” and “Fruit Lambic” which includes kriek and framboise.


CHICAGO-- December 12 - The Cicerone® Certification Program today announced that Canadian Mirella Amato and Missourian Neil Witte became the fifth and sixth individuals to earn the title of Master Cicerone®. Amato is the first Canadian citizen and first non-US resident to earn the top rank among beer professionals. Witte works as Field Quality Manager for Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City, MO. They both earned the certification through a series of exams culminating with two days of intense taste testing plus written and oral questioning about beer styles, draft systems, beer evaluation, brewing technology and beer and food pairing given October 23 & 24.

"During the Master Cicerone exam, both Amato and Witte had top scores in the written section of this year’s exam"

Overall more than 18,000 have passed the first level Cicerone exam known as Certified Beer Server, but only six individuals have now earned the Master Cicerone title—the third and top level of the program. Founded in 2007, the Cicerone Certification Program tests and certifies beer expertise similar to the wine world’s Master Sommelier program. The Master Cicerone exam includes 10 hours of written questions, 2 hours of oral questions and 2 hours of beer tasting and evaluation. Candidates needed an overall score of 85% to pass.

"During the Master Cicerone exam, both Amato and Witte had top scores in the written section of this year’s exam," said Ray Daniels, Founder and Director of the Cicerone Certification Program. "Witte showed special strength in the oral examinations; Amato posted top marks in the tasting exam."

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